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Hôtel Capo Rosso

Hôtel Capo Rosso is a 4-star hotel located in Corsica in the Piana region. Capo Russo Hotel offers its guests, among other things: one swimming pool, free parking, free Wi-Fi and a bar.

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Breakfast is served at the hotel (notes: continental and buffet).

Capo Russo is within driving distance of the Piana Cliffs (5 km), Arun Beach (6.4 km) and the Scondola Nature Reserve (14.8 km). Also the beaches: Piccola Beach (1.8 km), Porto Beach (4.6 km), Busaglia Beach (6 km), Arun Beach (6 km) and Gradell Beach (7 km). Those of us looking for a “more natural” experience can visit the Tour du Capo Russo (2 km).

Check-in time for the hotel starts at 15:30 and check-in time at 11:30. Children of all ages are welcome and pets are not allowed. In order to secure your place, we recommend booking soon. You can do this online right now by clicking the order button.

We will be happy if you book your vacation through the buttons on our website. Every order will earn us a monetary reward from a booking through which we can continue to invest in the site, a real chain of good deeds!

Hotel Address: Route des Calanches, 20115 Piana, France

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