13 Things to Do on Your Wedding Anniversary in France

Celebrating your wedding anniversary in France is an excellent idea, with many romantic and exciting activities to enjoy. Some of the best options include strolling along the Seine River, visiting the Palace of Versailles, and going on a wine-tasting tour. You can also indulge in gourmet dining, take a cooking class, or enjoy relaxation or adventure activities.

Are you looking to celebrate your wedding anniversary in a truly romantic way? France is the perfect destination for couples who want to recreate their special day. With its history, charm, and culture, there is something for everyone! Here are 13 things you can do to make the most out of your wedding anniversary in France.


1. Go on a romantic Seine River cruise

Taking a romantic Seine River cruise on your wedding anniversary in France is a unique way to commemorate your special day. You and your spouse will be able to breathe in the beauty of the Seine while sailing through castles, vineyards, and ancient homes – all while being served delicious gourmet food by an attentive staff.

This different side of Paris is sure to ignite the spark in your relationship that has been slowly burning away as you live a busy life filled with work and children. As the sun sets, admire the lively skyline flickering in front of you before finally arriving at The Eiffel Tower. Where you’ll toast a glass of champagne under its magical light show; this will surely be a traveling experience unlike any other.

Go on romantic Seine River cruise
Go on romantic Seine River cruise


2. Picnic in Versailles gardens

What better way to mark the special occasion than a picnic in the grand Versailles gardens? In this picturesque setting, you can stroll through the manicured grounds and admire majestic fountains amidst a backdrop of chateaux (palaces).

Picnic in Versailles gardens
Picnic in Versailles gardens


There are plenty of activities to choose from, such as visiting Marie-Antoinette’s estate, admiring French artwork at the royal art galleries, or simply enjoying tea and light refreshments in one of the many cafés located onsite.

Additionally, renting a rowboat is possible so you can enjoy the serene waterways of this sprawling estate with your significant other. A picnic in the gardens of Versailles truly captures what makes France so unique and ultimately makes it well worth celebrating your wedding anniversary here.


3. Hot air balloon over Mont-Saint-Michel

Hot air ballooning over Mont-Saint-Michel is a romantic and unique way to celebrate your wedding anniversary in France. Imagine flying through the skies above the historic monuments and stunning landscapes of this legendary Norman port town as you soak up stunning views and savor unforgettable moments together as husband and wife.

Hot air balloon over Mont-Saint-Michel
Hot air balloon over Mont-Saint-Michel


This magical experience can be tailored to suit your individual needs, with a variety of packages available sporting special extras like a private sunset flight or bottle of bubbly to mark your special occasion.

Make sure the sights, sounds, and smells of this spectacular spot are forever engrained in your memories by taking off on an unforgettable aerial journey – one of the most romantic things to do in France has to offer.


4. Explore Loire Valley vineyards

Visiting the gorgeous Loire Valley vineyards in France is a spectacular way to celebrate your wedding anniversary. There, you and your partner can sample amazing wines, and savor exquisite cuisine prepared with local ingredients.

Learn the history of winemaking in France, and enjoy unforgettable views of the countryside. Whether in summer or fall, explore rows and rows of vines while touring quaint farmhouses and tasting classic French wines such as Sauvignon Blanc and Gamay.

Explore Loire Valley vineyards
Explore Loire Valley vineyards


Make a stop at the nearby Châteaux de la Loire for an afternoon stroll through renaissance-style gardens or explore the basilica at St. Martin Codaire located within a view of vineyard-lined hills. As you take in all that Loire Valley has to offer, let this winsome landscape provide an idyllic backdrop to a romantic anniversary getaway.


5. Visit Paris landmarks

On your wedding anniversary in France, start by taking a romantic stroll through the iconic streets of Paris. Take in the glimmering lights that attract millions of visitors every year and make sure to stop at the Eiffel Tower.

Tour one of the most recognized monuments across the world and get an array of breathtaking views from the top. For a more intimate experience, take a boat ride along the Seine River as you admire stories-high cathedrals, lush green parks, and beautiful bridges lined with love locks.

Visit Paris landmarks
Visit Paris landmarks


Once you’re done sightseeing, head to Champs Elysees for some couples shopping. Enjoy window-shopping at fashionable stores, take selfies with the Arc de Triomphe in the background, or share ice cream cones at some traditional sidewalk cafes.

End your special day with a delicious dinner at one of Paris’ many Michelin-star restaurants before capping off with a romantic evening watching over the city from atop Tour Montparnasse tower.


6. Souvenir shopping in markets

Shopping for souvenirs in the markets of France can be a terrific way to celebrate a wedding anniversary. The vibrant atmosphere and wide variety of items are sure to add spark and life to the special day.

From regional delicacies like chocolate sauce and honey to traditional antiques and wooden wall hangings, the markets offer some wonderful possibilities for gifting. Plus, there’s nothing quite as enjoyable or emotionally satisfying as an experience spent shopping together with your partner.

Souvenir shopping in markets
Souvenir shopping in markets


Whether it’s finding handcrafted boutiques made by local artists, or simply experiencing the scents and sounds around you. With many options for finding mementos in each region, souvenir shopping in French markets can turn an ordinary anniversary celebration into an unforgettable one!


7. Romantic dinner at an Al Fresco restaurant

Celebrating your wedding anniversary with a romantic dinner at an al fresco restaurant in France is an experience you will never forget. You can enjoy a delicious traditional French meal with a bottle of bubbly while taking in all the stunning sights France has to offer.

Romantic dinner at an Al Fresco restaurant
Romantic dinner at an Al Fresco restaurant


The culture and atmosphere of eating outdoors on a warm evening in the French countryside set the perfect tone for an intimate, romantic evening. From quaint little out-of-the-way eateries to upscale gourmet restaurants, there are plenty of dining options available to make your special night even more memorable.

With historic architecture, picturesque views, and delicious cuisine, there is no doubt that spending your wedding anniversary in France will provide lasting memories for years to come.


8. French wine tasting

For an unforgettable wedding anniversary experience, France offers some of the most romantic and unique experiences. A classic French event for couples to enjoy is a wine tasting at a historic vineyard in one of the many renowned French wine regions.

French wine tasting
French wine tasting


Guests will have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of winemaking from some of France’s top winemakers, as well as sample some extraordinary varieties of red and white wines. During their visit, couples can also wander among aromatic vineyards, relax with a picnic lunch amongst the stunning views, or take part in a barrel-rolling race.

Regardless of what they choose to do, it’s sure to be an unforgettable day that celebrates love in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


9. Watch an orchestral performance of operas and ballets

Consider marking your wedding anniversary in France by watching an orchestral performance of an opera or ballet. Spend the night in a grand theatre taking in classical music, along with the splendor of script and production that comes along with it.

Watch an orchestral performance of operas and ballets
Watch an orchestral performance of operas and ballets


Whether you’re a fan of La Bohème, The Nutcracker, or something more obscure, France has the right show for you. Not only will you be able to have a romantic night out with your spouse, but you can also delight your ears with some of the country’s finest classical compositions.

Enjoy a delectable meal before or after the performance and make sure not to forget to pick up souvenirs to remember this special event. Celebrating wedding anniversaries in France is sure to be an exquisite experience that’s hard to match!


10. Explore Château de Fontainebleau

Celebrating a wedding anniversary in France is as romantic and unique an experience as couples could ever wish for. Château de Fontainebleau offers some of the most incredible experiences for special occasion getaways.

From dining at the exclusive La Flottille restaurant to attending extravagant parties in the exquisite ballrooms, this chateau provides an unforgettable evening. Once you finish your romantic meal, go explore the sumptuous palace gardens with their remarkable water features while overlooking ornate royal buildings.

Explore Château de Fontainebleau
Explore Château de Fontainebleau


Try to make it in time to attend one of the magnificent fireworks displays that light up the night sky – perfect if you want to make your day extra special! For a truly unforgettable time, book a tour with skilled historians who will share stories of the rich historical events that have taken place on-site over many centuries. This is sure to be an interesting and educational way to celebrate your wedding anniversary!


11. Wander Monet’s home and gardens in Giverny

A romantic and memorable way to spend your wedding anniversary in France is a visit to Wander Monet’s home and gardens in Giverny. From his studio, you can experience the beautiful gardens that inspired him to paint some of his most famous works including Water Lilies, Japanese Footbridge, and The Clodhoppers.

Stroll through the paths of Wisteria blooms before admiring the iris he planted along with apple trees, roses, and other rare species of flowers within his garden. You can also take a tour of the house and get an intimate glimpse into Monet’s life.

Wander Monet's home and gardens in Giverny
Wander Monet’s home and gardens in Giverny


While appreciating the stunning objects which had influenced him, including oriental rugs, souvenirs from international trips, and paintings by other impressionist artists. Finally, complete your day with a picnic at Monet’s Gardens before watching a sunset that only nature could create.


12. Relax on French beaches

When it comes to planning the perfect anniversary getaway, France should be at the top of your list. There’s no better way to relax on French beaches and experience La Belle Vue than a wedding anniversary in France.

Relax on French beaches
Relax on French beaches


From the vibrant city of Paris and its stunningly romantic lights to the picturesque mountain villages and rolling vineyards, there’s something for every couple to enjoy. Whether you want to soak up some history or take part in watersports, explore famous monuments like Eiffel Tower or Château de Chambord.

Or simply spend quality time with your significant other on a beach filled with sunshine and laughter, you’ll find plenty of things to do on your wedding anniversary in France.


13. Tour historical sites like Carcassonne or Lascaux II

A romantic wedding anniversary in France can be truly magical. Instead of a traditional activity like dinner out or a day at the spa, why not take a tour of some of the amazing historical sites the country has to offer?

Tour historical sites like Carcassonne or Lascaux II
Tour historical sites like Carcassonne or Lascaux II


Take an excursion to Carcassonne and explore the hilltop citadel dating back to medieval times with its ancient walls, gates, and fortifications still standing. Or visit Lascaux II where you can appreciate world-renowned Paleolithic cave paintings in all their glory without any of the crowds.

This type of experience is sure to add a special touch to your anniversary celebrations and make them incredibly memorable for both you and your partner.


In conclusion

Spending your wedding anniversary in France is sure to be an unforgettable experience. From ballooning over Mont-Saint-Michel to touring historical sites like Carcassonne, there are plenty of ways to make your special day extra special.

Whether you want to explore the vineyards of Loire Valley, shop for souvenirs at a local market, or take in a breathtaking performance of an opera or ballet, there are plenty of romantic and unique activities available.

From the lights of Paris to the beaches of France, you’ll find no shortage of opportunities to make your anniversary truly magical. So why not make this year one for the books by planning your dream wedding anniversary getaway in France?


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