Flights to Paris

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The beautiful city of lights and the capital of France is a very coveted tourist destination, which quite a few Israelis visit every year. Flights to Paris depart from Israel frequently and are offered by a number of airlines. They can be found today at a wide range of prices and sometimes also as part of lucrative deals. Those boarding the flight promise themselves an extraordinary vacation – a chance to visit beautiful Paris with its many attractions and points of interest, a chance to try the excellent local cuisine and maybe even experience the language itself, and of course – a wonderful way to spend time with people who love whether it is our spouses, good friends or All family members, including children.


How much is a flight to Paris?

Flights to Paris are currently offered, as mentioned, in a very wide range of prices. Flight prices range from the US $ 150 to $ 600 and even US $ 700, depending on when you book, depending on the airline that offers the flight, and also the type of ticket. Low-cost flights will cost significantly less than scheduled flights and direct flights to Paris will generally cost more than flights with stopovers. The earlier the flight ticket to Paris is booked, the cheaper the ticket price will be. At the same time, there are now quite a few attractive last-minute deals and deals that can also lower the price and allow those on a relatively low budget, to enjoy a perfect vacation in the beautiful romantic city of lights.


When to fly to Paris

Paris is a very popular tourist destination and can be seen by many tourists every season of the year. Despite the very low temperatures in the city during the winter months, along with the snow that occasionally falls, there are masses of visitors in Paris who enjoy the special local charm and the winter atmosphere it offers. In summer, crowds of families flock to Paris with children who want to take advantage of its many attractions, including those near it (Eurodisney Paris), and in the transition seasons, even thanks to the beautiful autumn fall and refreshing spring scents, tourists come to the city to enjoy its colors. And also the pleasant feeling that accompanies it despite the changeable weather.


So… direct flight or connection?

Direct flights to Paris take about five hours on average and they land and end the journey at one of its two airports – Charles de Gaulle or Orly. Flights with stopovers include a stop in some European cities and sometimes two, where the duration of the flight is determined by the duration of the stop, as well as the distance between the various points. Direct flights to Paris are offered to the Israeli tourist throughout the year, both in the winter months and in the summer months, which are considered the hot season, and they leave the field at different times throughout the day.


Airlines flying to Paris

The airlines that operate flights to Paris are very numerous. The Israeli company El Al offers scheduled flights to Paris as well as the French company Air France and other foreign companies, such as EasyJet, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, Transavia, Blue Air, Agian, Olympique, Georgian Airways, Lot, Lufthansa, Austrian and more.


Paris Airports

The airports of Paris are central and very important and quite a few passengers pass through them every year. Most visitors to Paris, who come to it from Israel, land at its famous and large airport – Charles de Gaulle, which is also one of the largest in Europe. It is located 25 kilometers from the city and it is estimated that an average of more than 70 million passengers pass through it every year. There are three terminals at this airport and it is connected to the city by train (PER), by direct bus (Roissy Bus), which departs from the airport to the city frequently, by taxi of course as well as hotel shuttles or private shuttles. Paris’s second airport is Orly Airport, which is also the older of the two. It carries the largest number of passengers on domestic flights within France while it is considered second in the country when it comes to international flights. There are two terminals in this field and you can get from there to Paris itself by bus connecting the field to the train station – OrlyBus, by high-speed metro – Orlyval, by taxi or private shuttle.