Car Rental in Paris

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There is quite a bit to see in Paris as well as in its immediate vicinity, which is also the reason why the city is considered one of the most visited and beloved cities in the world. The Israelis also discovered the charm of Paris quite a few years ago and it undoubtedly stars in the list and attracts it, and every year, masses of visitors – singles, couples, families with children, young and old. Although the transport solutions in Paris are excellent and in fact, many of the travelers in the city rarely use them (except for the metro) and mainly use their feet to explore it in-depth, and yet – there are those who choose the option of renting a car.

Car rental in Paris is an ideal solution for those who want to get out of it to near or long destinations and enjoy a more comprehensive trip in France. On the other hand, it is also a very convenient option for anyone who wants to get to its more remote suburbs and not just walk around the city center and even go out to the nearby attractions, like Eurodisney or the magnificent Versailles Palace, instead of boarding a train.


How much does it cost to rent a car in Paris?

As in any field, there is also a fairly wide range when it comes to car rental in Paris. At the same time, the average price stands at around 29 euros per day. Although these are more or less the same rates between car rental companies, the differences between the costs are mainly due to the extras they choose and of course special offers or special deals. The number of car rental days, the season per year, and also the point at which the rented vehicle is collected and returned, all of these and more affect the final costs. The longer you rent a rental car, the smaller the cost per day. At the height of the season, in the summer months between June and August, costs will be higher compared to the cold winter months and even the transition seasons, although close to Christmas prices may rise as well. On weekends the cost of renting a car for a day is higher compared to mid-week and of course, the car model also affects this.


When to book a car in Paris?

Although Paris is suitable for visiting every season and you can see the masses of tourists even in the frozen winter months, those who want to enjoy more pleasant and comfortable weather will find that spring and summer are good seasons to visit. Therefore, for those who plan to come to Paris during this period, and especially if it is a family with children, it is recommended to book the car a few months before the holiday. Since Paris attracts quite a few families from all over the world, as well as masses of Israeli families, the demand for large vehicles is very high and it is important to reserve this in advance. It is also worth noting that when special events are held in Paris, the city may be closed to traffic in its central areas or those adjacent to the event venue. It is very important to consider this when planning the trip and check if the visit to Paris coincides with an event or celebration of some kind, which may affect the flow of cars in the city.

There are also regular dates that can cause significant traffic congestion: May 1 (International Workers’ Day), May 8 (the surrender of Nazi Germany and the official end of World War II), July 14 (Bastille Day), August 15 (Paris liberation) and November 11 (Armistice Day). On these dates, a variety of important and very large events take place in some of them throughout Paris, which makes driving it, many times, impossible or a real challenge (some of the roads, as mentioned, are closed).


Which vehicle should you choose?

Car rental companies in Paris offer a very wide range of car models: family cars are in high demand, and alongside them, you can also find well-known luxury cars. It is very important to define the needs in advance, take into account the number of passengers, the number of luggage, the nature and type of trip, whether to focus only on Paris or whether to combine trips to other destinations outside the city and more. It is recommended to compare the different offers, and refer to the costs as well as the different models and characteristics. For those who plan to drive within the city itself, and especially if it is a single person or a couple, you should consider renting a small, compact car with 3 to 5 doors, which will allow easier travel in the city and also finding parking spaces without any problem.


International driver’s license in Paris

An international driver’s license must be valid, although this condition is not valid for all car rental companies as a condition of the transaction.


Driving and navigating in Paris

Many pedestrians, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and other means of transport fill Paris and almost every area in it. Drivers honking, traffic jams, road repairs, and also construction, all of these and more can make driving in the big city a no-brainer. To deal with this successfully it is important to be well acquainted with the rules of the road, for example, the speed limit. In Paris itself, the speed limit on the main and central streets is 50 km / h, but there are areas in the city where the speed limit is lower. In the smaller streets of Paris, the speed limit is sometimes 30 km / h, especially in pedestrian and school and kindergarten areas. The speed limit is indicated by signs and markings on the road.

Paris is very suitable to explore with your feet. A stroll through the city allows for a close and unmediated encounter with its architecture, with the great culinary world it offers, with the locals, and with the variety of attractions it has. Therefore, many areas in the city are pedestrian-friendly and on Sundays are closed to vehicular traffic. In these areas, the traffic is very limited and you can walk safely or ride a bike. When they close on Sundays, look for alternative vehicle routes or park the vehicle in a more remote area to reach the desired destination. The Wise app is an excellent solution in such situations, which can greatly help car renters in Paris. With it one can identify fast and convenient routes, whether inside the city or outside it.


Parking in Paris

Finding available parking in Paris can be no easy challenge and especially if coming to the city for the first time. There are two types of parking spaces in the city: parking on the street itself or parking in private parking lots. Both of these options cost money, although street parking is much more convenient. Within the city limits, street parking is allowed Monday through Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. On Sundays and holidays, parking is free. You can park in such parking lots for up to 6 consecutive hours if you do not have a resident card, or for up to a week in a row for residents only. In the city center parking will be more expensive than in more remote areas and many times you should consider using public transport to save costs.

On every street in Paris, you can spot signs indicating the nature of the parking on the spot. Yellow marking allows parking only for transport vehicles and deliveries, while regular paid parking spaces will be marked in color. During the week the only option for parking is for a fee, however, on Saturday evenings you can park in free residential areas after 8 pm, and on Sundays throughout the day. When finding available parking in the city, one should contact the nearest kiosk and pay at it or do so online. The card you receive must be placed on the vehicle’s dashboard or in a place where it can be seen. Those who do not pay for parking are likely to receive a fine of a few tens of euros and their car may be towed.

As for the car parks in Paris, they too are a solution for many drivers and can be found in very central points in the city, close to the various attractions. The garages are suitable for employees in the city and for all those who want to spend several hours in a row. Parking in them is not cheap, but definitely convenient.