Flights to France

France is a tourist destination that suits everyone. It is visited by single travelers who want to explore it and sometimes combine it with a visit to other, neighboring countries, families with children who want to spend a family vacation full of activities, attractions and special destinations and of course quite a few couples, who see France and especially Paris as a capital.

Flights to France depart from Ben Gurion Airport en masse and throughout the year and are offered by a wide range of airlines. These flights are considered very popular and can be found in a wide range of prices, some directly to France and some include stopovers on the way to the destination.

Flight prices to France

Those looking for flights to France will find, as mentioned, a very wide range of prices. This range ranges from $ 100 to US $ 700, depending on the destination (in France), which season per year, whether it is a direct flight or a flight with stopovers and also who is the airline offering the flight itself. There is no doubt that today, and unlike in the past, these are very attractive prices, which make the whole vacation in France very affordable, both for families with children and for travelers with a relatively limited budget.

When to fly to France

One of the (many kinds) advantages of France is the fact that it is suitable for visiting any season of the year. Winter brings with it to France a wonderful charm that is unparalleled, which adds quite a bit to the experience there while summer is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy various events across the country and also in the capital Paris and very comfortable temperatures. Although it may be very cold and even snowy in some parts of France, there is something a little different and very, very special about a winter vacation there. This is also the reason why it attracts visitors throughout the year and is considered one of the prominent destinations on the tourism map. Flights to France depart from Israel to it frequently and throughout the months of the year and the demand for them is high.

Direct flight or connection

Due to the demand and also due to it being a large and very prominent tourist destination, there is a very wide selection of direct flights to France, flights offered by different airlines. Alongside them, you can also find flights with stopovers, scheduled flights and low cost flights. Direct flights to France take about five hours on average (to Paris and Toulouse) or a little less (if you choose to land in Nice, Lyon or Marseille). Flights with stopovers will be longer of course due to the stop on the way.

Airlines flying to France

Flights to France are offered, as mentioned, by quite a few, mostly large airlines, making their way to Paris and other destinations across the country. In this list you can find the Israeli El Al and also Arkia, the French Air France as well as other airlines such as Alitalia, Ukraine International Airlines, Lufthansa, Swiss, Blue Air, Agian and many others.

Airports of France

Being a major and very important destination in Europe and due to the fact that it is an attraction for many tourists, France offers its landing or taking off a number of airports, with of its 185 main and main airports being Paris, Lyon, Nice, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Strasbourg.

In Paris itself, the capital, there are two very active airports – Charles de Gaulle Airport and Orly Airport. Most Israelis who come to it land in Charles de Gaulle and from there they leave for the city, which is not far away.

Lyon Airport, located 24 km east of the city, is a very active airport in France and also in Strasbourg, which is especially suitable for those planning a holiday in the Black Forest in Germany. Marseille Airport is another important airport in France and is located 25 km northwest of the city. Only km from it.

Bordeaux Airport is also very prominent on the list and so is Toulouse Airport, which is very close to the city itself. For those planning a vacation on the French Riviera, Nice Airport is the perfect destination and is only about 7 km from Nice.

Simply France
Simply France

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France is portrayed as a land of abundance and wealth – culinary wealth, luxury kitchens and unique raw materials, fashionable people, museums showcasing the world’s

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