Attractions in France

As one of the largest and most visited countries in Europe, it’s hard to see everything France has to offer in one trip, but thanks to flights at ridiculous prices within the country itself, it’s not impossible. Thus the destination has become attractive both to those who want to explore one magical area at a time and also to lovers of adventure and low-cost flights who want to devour everything from everything. And devour? It’s definitely here. France is known for its fabulous cuisine, but that’s for another article.
Lovers of romance or history, nature, and wine, gardens and castles, with or without children, this is the place for you.

What should you consider when traveling in France?

You can design your trip to France just the way you want it. French Alps or a tummy tuck – back to its sandy beaches, magnificent history, and heritage sites, a district of famous artists, traveling exhibitions, markets, and Michelin restaurants – everything is here, but do not deceive yourself, this novel will not be cheap.

Similar to the European countries bordering it, France is known for not being cheap to the average traveler, and like some, there is also a “language barrier”. It’s not that the French do not know English, they are just not happy to use it, but do not get confused – despite the checkpoint, the trip to the country is still very foreign-friendly and easy to get around.

So all you have to do is prepare a passport, a backpack (or suitcase), money according to the trip budget, and an English-French dictionary, and you are set. Either way, it will be an unforgettable trip.

Attractions for a trip with children in France

When you think of a trip to France with children, you probably think of the famous “Walt Disney” park. It is indeed a large and impressive park that can easily be lost, but France offers many more parks that not only the young people in the group can enjoy.

Futuroscope Park

An amusement park located in the town of Poitiers in the Loire Valley. The park, which opened to the public in 1987, is mostly covered and therefore suitable for visiting throughout the year, even on rainy winter days. This is an attraction for the whole family dedicated to film and multimedia, from the techniques of producing black-and-white animated films to futuristic 3D films and robotics.
In the park, you will find facilities and simulators, a four-dimensional IMAX hall, computer games and if you wait until it gets dark you can watch a magical night show that will be projected on a waterfall.

Puy du Fou Park

It is also located in the Loire Valley, in the town called “Les Epesses” and is the second most popular park in France.
The complex opened in 1989 and offers its visitors a glimpse of dozens of exhibits and performances, each from a different period in European history. Vikings, kings, gladiators fighting lions – you can watch them all there. Each show features a world-class scene, accompanied by a cast, impressive scenery, stunts, and pyrotechnics that will not embarrass any Hollywood film.
Recommended for a trip on pleasant summer days or in transition seasons.

Attractions for wine lovers

Traveling to France in the fall? You should take the great opportunity and explore the many wine routes that pass through the country. During this season, when the leaves change color to hot shades of red, bright yellow, and orange in all its shades, the grape harvest also ends and the wineries open their doors to travelers.

Bordeaux – A guided tour of the vineyards

The beautiful city, located in the southwest of France, is called the “wine capital” and is surrounded by six vineyards and wineries. Depending on the time devoted to this part of the trip and your fondness for a drink, you can take a walk in one or all of them and enjoy mainly a selection of red wines, but white wine lovers will also find what they are looking for.

For a small entrance fee, you can tour the wineries independently or take paid tours that offer wine and cheese tastings and up to short workshops of several hours. Those of you who are serious can visit the Bordeaux L’ecole du Vin school and even sign up for summer courses on the subject.

Champagne region – a district of sparkling wines

In northeastern France, about 150 km from the capital Paris, is a pastoral area saturated with green hills where the sparkling wine popularly called “Champagne” is produced.
Due to the short distance from Paris, you can combine a tour of this destination as part of a romantic day trip and enjoy breathtaking views along the way with wine cellars, wineries, and various sandas.
Architecture lovers are advised to visit the Pommery Champagne wineries spread over no less than four estates built on different types of soil and offering a variety of flavors and aromas alongside impressive buildings and spectacular art.

Attractions History, art and nature

It is true that the name of the theme parks and wine trails of France go before it, but the history-rich country also boasts world heritage sites, hidden gardens and breathtaking views. Some can be easily reached by public transport and for some, it will be more convenient to rent a car for a day or two.

Châneau de Chenonceau

The castle at the foot of the Cher River is the second most visited in France (after the Palace of Varasi) and some would say it is the most beautiful palace in the Loire Valley.
The original building built in the 11th century was burned down by the Royal Army in the 15th century During the 16th century the building that can be toured today was built. Since then, the building has changed owners, each of which has left its mark and added its own special item – a garden, a bridge, a gallery, a park, a farm, and more.
Apart from the beautiful building and well-kept showrooms, you can also enjoy the spectacular gardens that surround it, a carriage museum and even a nursery and nearby is a wax museum with scenes from the castle’s history.

Mercantour National Park

A park is declared a nature reserve and located where the Alps meet in the Mediterranean.
The park offers its travelers 600 km of hiking trails for every degree and difficulty, some can also be reached on a day trip from the western shores of Nice, and among its breathtaking landscapes, you can see snow-capped mountain peaks, green valleys, lakes and glaciers.
Because the travel distances in the area are large and the traffic is slow, it is recommended to choose one area in the park and explore it – the red walls of the Chaun and Daloi canyons, the town of Welberg which offers ropes and mountain slides in summer and in winter Roya Valley ski resort or villages.


About an hour off the coast of Normandy is the island which due to high tide becomes part of the mainland only twice a day.
The place has no more than fifty inhabitants, it has a long history and even before the advent of Christianity it is documented as an ancient place of worship.
Today you can tour the historic castle and monastery at the top of the mountain, which later became a prison for clergy opponents. The prison was closed during the 19th century and the site was declared a place of preservation.
Unharmed in battles known as the “Invasion of Normandy”, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the late 20th century and is now the third most visited place in France.

The village of Giverny – the home of Claude Monet

A village located at the foot of the Euphrates River to the Seine River in the Normandy region, where the painter Claude Monet also lived and died.
The main attraction in the village is the painter’s house, which was rented and renovated at the end of the 19th century, and next to it is a flower garden and a Japanese garden that he cultivated. The sharp-eyed will distinguish between the artist’s paintings on a bridge over a pool of water with nymph plants – these are in the Japanese garden to this day.
His tomb is also housed in a small cemetery in the village, next to a medieval church.

Extreme attractions in France

For thrill-seekers, lovers of challenging activities or those who just live life “once” – France also offers activities for the heart and lungs. It is advisable to check the nature of the routes in advance, take into account the weather and of course, carry out appropriate medical insurance.

Rafting in the river waters of the Verdon Canyon

The canyon is the second largest in Europe and some would say that it is also the most beautiful with a river that stretches over 25 km and a maximum depth of 700 meters. Its proximity to the French Riviera attracts many adventurers and it offers a variety of well-preserved hiking sites.
The canyon itself is surrounded by limestone and dolomite which due to tectonic activity are characterized by unique geographical formations, and in the center is the Turquoise River which offers extreme sports such as rafting, canoeing and kayaking, which can be rented in the village of Castellane.
The river looks calm but it offers a variety of rafting routes ranging from two hours to eight hours, some of which are suitable for children from the age of ten but some are defined as challenging and recommended for professional rowers only.

Kayaking on Lake Annecy

A pastoral lake with a pristine view which, like its predecessor, Lake Annecy is not always calm, although this time it is a much more user-friendly activity for beginners – sailing with a pedal boat for a couple or quartet and license holders have the option to rent a motorboat.
In most of the lake you can jump, surf and wade in the water but the pleasant weather will not mislead you, the waters of the lake are often very cold.
Nearby there are also quiet beaches, a nature reserve with swamps, songbirds, wild boars and builder colonies and even a walking trail accessible to the disabled.

In conclusion

whether you are strolling in royal gardens, wild river cruises, playgrounds or touring the mysterious wine trails – in France you can enjoy art, history and cuisine, in any family vehicle and alone. The language spoken there is the language of love and has enough to experience at any time of the year.

Simply France
Simply France

We are here out of a desire to help and of course out of a great love for France. Our goal is to help you find everything you are looking for under one roof, to get the most out of your vacation in France, without having to travel all over the web.

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