Hotels in Strasbourg

Here is a variety Hotels in Strasbourg For a perfect vacation. We recommend hurrying up and reserving rooms as soon as possible, equals are snatched up quickly. All hotels with instant booking. Have a nice vacation, come back in peace, your perfect vacation starts here:

5-star hotel in the center of Little France, 0.1 km from Petite France. Price range: 187$ – 374$ per night. recommended!
Pampering at an international level!
An apartment complex in the north-eastern part of France, located 0.1 km from Culver Square. Price range: 123$ – 350$ per night. recommended!
Pampering at an international level!
4-star hotel in the Krotnau North East area, 0.1 km from the Strasbourg History Museum. Price range: 175$ – 334$ per night. recommended!
Pampering at an international level!

Strasbourg is located in the east of France and is considered one of the most touristy and prosperous cities in it. As such, it attracts millions of visitors each year including families with children, loving couples, groups, and even those traveling alone, who come from all over the world. The beautiful city has a wealth of points of interest and interesting sites and is suitable for any style of vacation, in any vehicle, and in any season of the year.

However, the magical city is considered somewhat anonymous for many Israelis and it is time to change that. It is a wonderful tourist destination with excellent restaurants, historical sites, museums, cathedrals and canals and you can easily spend a week there without getting bored for a moment. If you want to get to know one of the most surprising and beautiful cities in France – Strasbourg is the destination for you and all you have to do is reserve your accommodation. Well, what luck, because that’s exactly why we’re here.


Recommended Hotels in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is considered one of the most popular cities among travelers in the East of France and rightly so – it has plenty of interesting places to visit, pleasant hiking trails, excellent restaurants, galleries, and churches, so it is suitable for a family vacation in an urban atmosphere, romantic couple vacation and in fact, you can tailor it to any style of vacation. Fortunately, the supply of hotels in the city is surprising in relation to its size and you can choose from hundreds of charming accommodations. How to choose? Good question. Before you start rummaging through hundreds of places, we have put together for you the best places that would be a shame if you miss out.


Hotels in the center of Strasbourg

As in other cities across Europe and around the world, the city center of Strasbourg is also considered one of the most recommended locations in terms of accommodation for those who visit the city on a regular basis and do not want to waste unnecessary time on-road travel. Accommodation in the city center will allow you to make the most of your time, save a lot of money on using public transport and taxis and be close to everything hot and interesting in the city – excellent restaurants, entertainment venues, historical sites, and famous attractions. If you want to be close to everything that matters – here are some hotels you simply must not miss:


Hotels in the area of Culver Square (place Kléber)

Culver Square is considered one of the two main squares of the city of Strasbourg and the most vibrant between them, so it is right in the heart of things and accommodation nearby will allow you to be close to popular tourist sites, cafes, and entertainment venues. In fact, the whole city is built around the famous square and therefore it is among the most recommended places for accommodation for young people, families and those who want to reach on foot to many of the main tourist attractions of Strasbourg. Fortunately, despite its attractive location, you will find hotels near the square in a wide price range and a variety of styles.


Luxury Hotels in Strasbourg

If you like your holiday, especially pampering, you will be happy to hear that the luxury hotels of Strasbourg offer the highest level of accommodation, with round-the-clock service, modern facilities, spacious rooms, and many other surprises that will make you feel like you are in a dream. This is a safe bet for those who want to enjoy the best and are willing to invest the best of their money in it, but let us reassure you – the value certainly justifies the price.


5 Star Hotels in Strasbourg

We simply France believe that if already vacationing in Europe, there is no reason not to go for the top of the top, and if already – a five-star hotel is a winning choice. Five-star accommodation is a guarantee that you will receive the best service, pampering rooms, and excellent food – without a doubt one of the most enjoyable ways to enjoy a considerable vacation and see, you are welcome to read the opinions of guests who return to the luxury hotels of Strasbourg time and time again. If you too like your vacation saturated with luxuries and pleasures – we have put together the best hotels in the city, just do not forget to reserve your place in advance, otherwise, you will be disappointed…


4 Star Hotels in Strasbourg

Not everyone wants to spend their best money on accommodation and that’s fine. We too are big proponents of balance and believe that there should be a fit between value and price. In a wonderful city like Strasbourg, the perfect balance, in this case, is reflected in the hotels that offer four-star accommodation that you can easily get confused and think that you have arrived at a five-star hotel. All these thanks to the variety of services, the quality of the facilities, the cozy rooms, and the courteous staff. And the price? Much lower compared to luxury hotels. In our opinion, this completely saves the hesitation and if you are also convinced – you should take a look at the following places:


3 Star Hotels in Strasbourg

If accommodation for you is just a function and you are among the diligent travelers who start their day with the sunrise and do not end it until you have marked “V” on each of the attractions and sites you were supposed to visit that day – a three-star hotel will be the best and most informed choice for you. Really a reason to spend your money on a pompous lobby and spa center, if you have no intention of spending time in them. Here is a list of excellent places to stay on a budget that is convenient for your pocket, where you can rest your head comfortably, and rest assured that your belongings are in safe hands.


Cheap Hotels in Strasbourg

In the past, vacation in Europe was considered an expensive thing that is reserved only for the rich, then we know today that you can vacation on the wonderful continent on any budget, including particularly cheap trips – yes yes, even with a family. The city of Strasbourg is no different from other cities in this regard, so it has a variety of great places to stay on a low budget that will leave you with a surplus in your pocket and allow you to end your holiday with a smile and especially a great thirst to start planning your next vacation. Do not believe us? Here are some places that will allow you to travel without tearing your pocket:


All Hotels in Strasbourg

If it is not yet clear that Strasbourg is not the largest city, but the supply of hotels in it is surprisingly good and has everything from everything and in abundance, so it is suitable for a vacation on any budget. In front of you are all the wonderful hotels of the city, including those you have already met upstairs. Just do not forget – the best places run out fast so you should not wait for the 90th minute.


Strasbourg is one of the most beautiful and charming cities in France and allows you to get to know the famous country in a much more authentic, real, and warm way compared to larger and more vibrant cities. It is a lively place, full of colorful corners, historic sites that tell the story of France, and fine restaurants that are simply not to be missed.

All these and more make the city of Strasbourg a wonderful destination to visit in any vehicle, including a family vacation with small children, a budget holiday, or a romantic honeymoon with a particularly luxurious scent. In terms of accommodation, you will enjoy a large number of places to choose from, so you can adjust the accommodation to the composition of the participants and the desired budget, but there are a few more things you should consider before you reserve a place…


What to Consider Before Booking a Hotel in Strasbourg

It is known that the Israeli travel crowd loves its European holidays and one of the countries that proves this best is France, of which the city of Strasbourg is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations.

The flight distance is not long, the attractive flight prices and the great attractions make France one of the most popular countries among tourists from the Holy Land who visit it en masse throughout the year, when the peak tourist season is naturally in the summer months, June to August and sometimes September.

However, if you want to enjoy a vacation at more affordable prices and relatively vacant attractions – there are other dates you should know about. In the transition seasons, for example, you will find Strasbourg particularly pleasant, both in terms of weather which allows you to enjoy hiking without suffering from the heat load that may burden your stay outside, and in terms of scenery – during this period you will enjoy a magical fall or spectacular bloom in beauty, special scents and beautiful colors.

Even in the winter months, you will find the city attractive and pleasant for a walk, of course, if you do not suffer too much from the falling temperatures and precipitation of one kind or another. We personally think this is the perfect time for a particularly romantic and photogenic European vacation, with hot wines and sweet pastries. And the prices? Well, the farther you get from the summer months the more affordable prices you will enjoy, even when it comes to accommodation.

Either way, one thing is for sure – no matter when you plan to visit Strasbourg, be sure to reserve your accommodation in advance. Once you do this the pressure level has dropped and you can continue to plan your urban holiday in Europe at ease. Believe us, this is a winning tip.


Recommended areas for Booking a Hotel in Strasbourg

We simply France believe that location is one of the most important things to consider when planning a vacation, after all, it is what will determine how close you will be to the attractions and sites you are interested in visiting, whether there will be restaurants and places of entertainment near you and how much time you will spend on the roads. Since your vacation is limited in time, it is the most expensive commodity and in order not to waste it – you better choose a hotel that will allow you to make the most of your time.

So how do you know which is the best location? First, compare a few places that match your budget and your favorite vacation style and check out what each one has to offer – you will be surprised to find that in a similar price range you will find a wide variety of places. Next, check out which attractions are within walking distance of the accommodation and choose the hotel which is next to the attractions that you are interested in visiting.

In addition, it is advisable to also take into account the division of the city into different districts and the character that each of the areas in it brings with it. The city center for example is considered to be the liveliest area in it and naturally is also the noisiest and as such attracts young people, partygoers, and anyone who wants to be close to the main tourist attractions and the local nightlife scene. However, there are hotels in this area that offer quieter accommodation that will allow you to enjoy a night of prairie sleep without having to take your party to your room. These places will also be suitable for families with children, couples and those who want to be close to everything that is warm and interesting.

Accordingly, the further away from the city center you will gain peace and quiet and also more affordable prices. In addition, you will be surprised to find that the distance does not bring loneliness, although a great opportunity to get to know more authentic areas of the city, meet locals, eat at old restaurants with a family atmosphere, and experience Strasbourg as impossible if you stick only to the main and most touristy areas.

4-star hotel in the Strasbourg area, 0.1 km from CHU Strasbourg Hospital. Price range: 167$ – 350$ per night. recommended!
Pampering at an international level!
4-star hotel in the north-eastern part of Little France, 0.2 km from Petite France. Price range: 166$ – 381$ per night. recommended!
Pampering at an international level!
5-star hotel in the center of Little France, 0.1 km from Petite France. Price range: 187$ – 375$ per night. recommended!
Pampering at an international level!
This 4-star hotel is located in the northwestern part of Little France, 0.2 km from the Lafayette Strasbourg Gallery. Price range: 102$ – 181$ per night. recommended!
Very indulgent
4-star hotel in the Strasbourg area, 0.1 km from St. Paul’s Church. Price range: 120$ – 271$ per night. recommended!
Very indulgent
4-star hotel in the center of Little France, 0.1 km from Gutenberg. Price range: 98$ – 310$ per night. recommended!
Very indulgent