Vacation in Bordeaux

The coveted and famous Bordeaux is the second-largest city in France and one of the best wine producers in the world in the world. The city is considered large, rich, and has an ancient and impressive appearance, with a small and well-preserved tourist area from the 18th century and of course a glorious tradition of high-class oenology and cuisine. The city that only a few years ago “awakened” in terms of tourism, offers a huge variety of activities for couples and families and uses its natural and geographical advantages such as the spectacular wine vineyards and the Garon River bank flowing into the ocean, to give the city a relaxed, light, dynamic and intriguing atmosphere.

If you like to eat well, consume art and travel calmly, Bordeaux is the coveted French destination not to be missed. You will find cheap and attractive shopping complexes alongside a thriving pub and bistro scene, special historic sites, small and beautiful houses in nostalgic architecture, and plenty of leisure for a full day visit and up to several consecutive days.

Hotels in Bordeaux

Until not many years ago, Bordeaux was still in a deep coma in terms of its appeal to the tourism industry. With the strengthening of the industry and the facelift in the city, a wider range of accommodations has come to life and the city now offers a very wide range of options – from 3-4 star hotels through guesthouses to luxurious and luxurious accommodation in one of the boutique houses converted from an old residence to an accommodation complex. Hotel rates range from NIS 250 per night in summer to over NIS 1,000 for accommodation in a luxury hotel. As you move away from the old town center you will find lower-cost hotels, although the Bordeaux train station area from which you can easily reach the center is also considered a rather sought after and busy place.

Our personal recommendation is to invest and choose hotels close to the tourist center of the city. Bordeaux is suitable for hosting a few single days and even for one night so you will probably want to get everything you can do in it without wasting time on travel.

Recommended Hotels in Bordeaux

A hotel located near the great theater of Bordeaux is recommended!
Pampering at an international level!
4-star hotel in the Bordeaux region, located 0.2 km from the Riyadh Mall. Price range: 138$ – 255$ per night. Recommended!
Very indulgent
5-star hotel in the Bordeaux region, located 0.4 km from the Wine City tram stop. Price range: 100$ – 243$ per night. Recommended!
Very indulgent

Restaurants in Bordeaux

Due to the extensive local wine culture, Bordeaux has a particularly rich gastronomic offer. Just to illustrate, there are 13 Michelin-starred restaurants in Bordeaux and the city produces over 800 million bottles of wine each year, many of which open at local tables and tasting tours. Bordeaux is the producer of some of the most prestigious wines in the world, including the following wines: Château Haut Brion, Château Margaux, Château Lafite Rothschild, Château Mouton Rothschild, Château Cheval Blanc, Château Grand Renouil and more.

This is a perfect destination for foodies among you, who are looking for new and special flavors. Thanks to the city’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, you can find a rich selection of fish and seafood. Other dishes that characterize the city are goose confit and heavy feta, burgundy mushrooms (porcini in olive oil, shallots, parsley, and garlic), and also personalized cakes called Canela with a caramel and vanilla flavor for dessert.

As part of the wine experience, there are hundreds of food, cheese, and wine tours in Bordeaux every day. During these tours, you can focus on the culinary and winemaking experience, participate in workshops for making cheeses and adapting them to different wine varieties and sign up for a variety of guided tours also through the hotel and the various travel agencies.


Attractions in Bordeaux

The French city and one of the leading wine producers in the world have in recent years become a vibrant tourist destination, with much more than a leading wine culture. The city offers beautiful and elegant places to walk, successful historical sites, equal cafes and good shops. It is also the starting point for further excursions to destinations such as the resort town of Biarritz on the Spanish border, the Basque Country, the Atlantic coast to the King’s Island (Ile de Re), the developed Dordogne, the Charnet Valley that produces cognac, the Pyrenees and more.


The old town of Bordeaux

It is the largest ancient-urban complex in the world (18 square kilometers) and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here are 350 buildings that have been defined as historic buildings in which the wine merchants operated and lived. The city is studded with boulevards and large squares, spectacular public buildings, and lots of sites. The building of the Palais de la Bourse borders the Garonne River and the pier in front of it is a fountain called the “Mirror of Water”. Do not give up on the impressive sprinklers that dominate no less than 3,500 square meters. On a hot summer day, you can also catch quite a few locals and hikers who dip their feet and cool off.


St. Catherine Street

Bordeaux’s main promenade offers over a mile of excellent and vibrant shops. It is also possible to reach the Place du Parlement, where there is a selection of excellent cafés, restaurants, and bars.


La Cité du Vin – Wine Museum

Naturally, it is one of the attractions in the city. The location of the museum in the old port includes a time travel to the history of the wine, its trade, and its special production in the place. Here you can walk among the vineyards and wine cellars, taste different varieties, and watch the production process acquired for three generations. You will also find original wine barrels and various items. The entrance fee is 5-7 euros.


Jacques-Chaban-Delmas lift bridge

The Jack Sheban del Dalmas Bridge was built and inaugurated in 2013 and includes an elevator that rises to a height of 53 meters, to allow various boats to pass under it and get closer to Quinconces Square, which is also very worth visiting.


Les Quais

A beautiful and pleasant promenade along the Garonne River, where you can take a ferry ride and look at the wonderful view over the bridges of the city of Bordeaux. Here is also the Aquitaine Bridge, which is considered a considered and special French architectural achievement.


Pey-Berland Tower

The Pei Berland Tower offers a slightly challenging climb of 233 steps, at the end of which a spectacular view of all of Bordeaux 60 meters high awaits you. Today new and impressive bells have been added to the tower and you can visit the bell cells themselves and meet a unique statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary carrying the baby Jesus.


The Botanical Gardens in Bordeaux

It is a large public garden and the greenest lung in the city, built as early as 1855. The well-kept and beautiful place offers pleasant walking paths, lawns, lakes with many ducks, and also alternating activities for children. The gardens are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the summer months until 6 p.m. in the winter months.


Museum of Modern Art

A place full of inspiration and interest for art lovers among you, which includes many rotating exhibitions. The museum is open on Sundays, Tuesdays-Saturdays. At two closed. The entrance fee is 5.50 euros. Admission is free every Sunday, the first of the month.


Virage Sud Stadium

A must-see spot for sports and football enthusiasts. The local group F.C. Girondins features one of the most successful football clubs in France and you can purchase tickets for many matches held at the stadium against interesting rivals like Lyon or Marseille.


Shopping in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is considered a major trading hub and offers a very large amount of shops selling everything possible: fashion, art, food, wine, souvenirs, luxury goods, and brands. All at cheaper prices than those offered in Paris or Marseille.


Out-of-town activities and attractions:


This is a peninsula stretching between the Garon River and the ocean and home to some of the world’s finest and most famous red wine wineries: Château Lafite Rothschild, Chateau Latour, Château Margaux, and Chateau Moth Rothschild. Each wine mansion offers a guided tour and tastings. It is important to note that during an independent visit to Maduk, it is advisable to call and coordinate the visit to each winery in advance. Also, Chateau Lator tends to accept only serious professionals and collectors while Chateau Matton Rothschild closes from time to time and makes sure to open it on your visit dates.



A town about 45 km east of Bordeaux and is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The medieval-preserved town is a professional winemaker located on a picturesque peak and many caves have been hewn beneath it. In the town, you will also find one of the largest churches in Europe with a 68-meter-high bell. Saint Emilion’s famous wineries are Château Ausone and Château Cheval Blanc.


Graves region

Graves County also offers some very old and famous wineries. The two most famous estates here are the Château Haut-Brion and the Château La Mission Haut-Brion. The whole area is full of picturesque small and historic towns and you can walk between them on the many bike paths that exist here.


Car rental in Bordeaux

As an integral part of the city’s well-preserved preservation and heritage, vehicles can not be brought into the central areas at all. Travelers are asked to leave their vehicles in public parking lots near the ancient center and for a daily parking fee. This should be taken into account when planning the trip and decide whether you will still need to use the vehicle. However, in order to get out of the city limits and travel in the nearby districts and towns, you may prefer to travel by car and eliminate the dependence on public transport travel. It is advisable to rent the vehicle on a daily basis, only for the day when you really intend to use it for this trip. If you prefer to completely give up renting a car, you can use the array of buses, trams, and trains that are considered to be particularly developed. The tram reaches almost every possible corner of the city and is extremely cheap – only 1.6 euros.


Flights to Bordeaux

Most flights departing from Israel to Bordeaux pass through a stopover in Paris (Orly or Charles de Gaulle Airport) or use other European cities as connections from which the flight will continue directly to Bordeaux itself. A direct flight from Israel to Bordeaux is an existing but relatively rare matter, which usually takes place by the Low-Cost EasyJet company. In general, most flights from Israel to Bordeaux are operated by the official French airline Air France, with additional flights operated by Lufthansa, Swiss, Wizz Air, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Tap Portugal, and sometimes El Al. In season you can find good deals on these flights and reduce ticket prices as long as you are willing to stay longer at the connection destination.

Bordeaux Airport (BORDEAUX-MERIGNAC AIRPORT) is divided into Terminal A which receives mainly international flights, Terminal B which is mainly used by Air France for domestic flights, and the “Billy” terminal where mainly low-cost airlines land. Getting from the field is quite easy and is possible by booking a special taxi directly to the hotel, bus line No. 1 to the main train station, or by rental car from one of the 9 agencies operating in the field. The journey takes only about half an hour.


When is it best to get to Bordeaux?

The peak season in France generally opens in May and ends at the end of October. The summer weather allows for many sunny hikes along the Garon River and the city’s successful boulevards. And yet, some will prefer the winter or transition seasons, which blend in comfortably with the local wine experience. Since most of the wine-related activities take place indoors, the weather does not affect the visit to Bordeaux in a special way and thus the same experience can be gained at cheaper prices and without congestion. It is important to remember that trips made on foot and in open areas will be difficult in winter due to the cold weather so if you came to be impressed and experience things beyond the wines themselves, it is advisable that you hike here in the summer.

In addition, if you are coming to Bordeaux as part of a further trip to the destinations of the south of France, it is very worthwhile to do so on Saturdays and Sundays when the successful local market operates. This is an opportunity to enjoy the fresh goods received in the city and enjoy a huge selection of flowers, spices, furniture, wines, cheeses, and more.