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Hôtel Le Palais Gallien

Hôtel Le Palais Gallien Is a 5 star hotel located in Bordeaux. And is located a short distance from Palace Glian. La Pala Galine Bordeaux offers its guests, among others: 2 swimming pools, parking, health and spa center, luxury pets, free Wi-Fi and a bar.

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Breakfast is served at the hotel (notes: Continental, American and buffet breakfast). The hotel has 27 rooms.

La Pala Galline Bordeaux is a short distance from the Early Christian Art Site (0.3 km), the Museum of History and Nature (0.4 km), a public garden (0.5 km) and the Cancun Promenade (0.6 km). Attractions near the La Pala Galine Bordeaux include the Bordeaux Grand Theater (0.8 km), the Cathedral of San Andre (1 km), the Plaza de la Bourse (1.2 km), the Aquitaine Museum (1.4 km) and the Museum Wine and trade (1.5 km). Those of us looking for a “more natural” experience can visit Garon (2 km), Lake Lacanau (10 km) and the Atlantic Ocean (20 km).

Check-in time for the hotel starts at 15:00 and check-in time is at 12:00. Children of all ages are welcome and pets may be charged. In order to secure your place, we recommend booking soon. You can do this online right now by clicking the order button.

We will be happy if you book your vacation through the buttons on our website. Every order will earn us a monetary reward from a booking through which we can continue to invest in the site, a real chain of good deeds!

Hotel Address: 144 rue Abé de l'Epée, Bordeaux city center, 33000 Bordeaux, France

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