3 Romantic Activities in Europe That You Must Try

Travel Activities in Europe

Europe has always been an extremely popular travel destination for visitors from around the world. Continental Europe includes a wide array of attractive locations, from iconic cities such as Paris, Rome and Amsterdam, to the sun and beaches of the Mediterranean coast. Countries such as Spain, Italy and Greece provide sunny, warm climates and excellent resorts.

In addition to these headline destinations, the differing European countries also offer a wealth of individual cultures, customs and languages. Continental Europe also provides an extensive climate spectrum, from the colder Nordic countries to the sun spots of the mediterranean, and everything in between.This makes the choice of travel activities extensive, and can suit the needs and requirements of every traveler.


Romantic Travel Activities in Europe

Europe’s major, iconic cites are an extremely popular travel choice, as they offer visitors the storied histories of such cities. Tours and trips around each city reflect this, and the choice is extensive.

Paris is renowned for its beauty, romance and artistic history. It is a city with so many architectural landmarks and monuments, however, the river Seine provides an especially romantic place to appreciate this romance and beauty. A cruise on the Seine has always been a highlight of any visit to Paris. 

Renowned as a particularly romantic travel option, a cruise on the Seine is an excellent option to appreciate the romance and beauty of Paris. Whether during the day or evening, whether including cocktails or dinner, a cruise on the Seine is top of the list of romantic travel activities any couple could choose. Similar to Paris, Amsterdam is an equally popular travel choice. Amsterdam also has a renowned artistic heritage and cultural significance, but is equally recognized for an enlightened, liberated culture.

Its elaborate canal systems and famous canal houses, provides a perfect backdrop to enjoy and explore the city. An Amsterdam Canal Cruise is a romantic travel option that is essential for a city such as Amsterdam. A canal cruise affords the perfect opportunity to explore Amsterdam in a romantic and laid-back setting. Venice is probably the other popular choice for visitors seeking culture, romance and breathtaking sights.

A visit to St Mark’s Square, a gondola ride in the “city of canals” and a reservation at one of Venice’s renowned restaurants, makes Venice arguably one of the most romantic cities in Europe.

Romantic Activities

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