France with the kids

France is a great destination for a holiday with children. Many Israelis choose to come to it with their children during the summer vacation and also during the holidays and, while staying there, combine a visit to a very wide variety of sites. France is much more than Paris, the beautiful city of lights, and when it comes to a family with children – all the more so. There is something very special about this country, which brings with it classic European fragrances.

It has very friendly big cities, parks not to be missed, spectacular views at various points in it and a variety of points where stopping is a must. France can be reached with children of all ages and in almost every season of the year. The secret is to plan your vacation properly and take into account important parameters, such as the weather, the age of the children and also the attractions offered to them.

France – why in it?

Direct flights to France, and to a variety of destinations, are definitely a good reason to pack the whole family and go on a short or long vacation in France itself. In about five hours and a bit you arrive in Paris, the capital of France, from where you can start your trip or where you can focus throughout your vacation. These flights are offered by a number of airlines and their price is quite reasonable. Throughout the year there are flights to France frequently and in fact – there is not a single season that is considered “hot”.

France is a perfect destination for the whole family throughout the seasons and the regular flights that depart for it, and the low cost flights are definitely a good opportunity for quality time together.

Beyond that, France is a very modern and western country. It is relatively easy to walk in, it provides all the necessary solutions for families with children, including holiday apartments if desired, and some of the sites are also suitable for visiting with toddlers. It is possible to rent a car after landing in Paris and arrange a star trip.

You can continue after Paris to other destinations in France or take the opportunity to visit countries close to it. The options offered by France, when it comes to attractions, are many and varied and can fit any budget.

Important tips and highlights for planning a trip with children in France

Season of the year – The weather in France is typical European weather, though not too extreme. Both the summer months and the winter months are considered to be relatively mild months, when it comes to the weather, and are usually comfortable, as is the case in Paris itself.

Near the Mediterranean Sea and also in the southwestern part of France there is indeed a very large amount of precipitation during the winter months, but the summer months are warm and very pleasant and make up for it. In the northwestern part of France (Brittany region) it also rains quite a bit and the summer months are relatively cool, so anyone who wants to escape the oppressive Israeli heat, especially in July and August, is the right address for him.

Snowfall in France falls especially in its mountainous regions, such as the Pyrenees, the Alps and also Auvergne. A ski holiday or a holiday with great winter charm is possible in these places thanks to the snow, which covers them and the wonderful atmosphere that characterizes the area at this time of year.

Booking in advance – since this is a very popular destination and throughout the months of the year, it is very worthwhile to book flight tickets in advance, especially if you are planning a vacation with all the children, as well as accommodation.

In Paris, for example, the big city, there is a huge selection of accommodation solutions but if you come with the family it is important to look for ones that are also suitable for accommodation with children. There are many apartments that can be booked for a few days and additional solutions.

Pre-booking in these cases is necessary to reserve them or the other solutions depending on the times when traveling. Beyond that, pre-booking also makes it possible to find flights and accommodation at more attractive prices.

Choosing the itineraries – Building a family vacation to France with the children requires time and patience. To enjoy a successful trip it is highly recommended to get to know the sites and itineraries and also to take into account the interests of the children as well as the ages.

Young children will have difficulty traveling long distances or visiting attractions that are too challenging or one that requires a lot of patience. Older children (teens and adults) may get bored of certain sites that are relevant to the little ones or adults.

Therefore, it is important that the vacation that is planned and that you also invest quite a bit of money in it will meet everyone’s needs (as much as possible) and provide the appropriate answer. It is very worthwhile to take the help of other families who have gone on a similar trip (especially if it is a trip to France that is for the first time) and collect tips and recommendations from them.

When to travel – this is the question of questions. As mentioned, every season is good and successful for a visit to France with the kids. At the same time, there are a number of times in the year that are important to take into account as they may affect the degree of congestion on the roads and the operating hours of different sites.

For example, July 14, “Bastille Day”, is France’s Independence Day. This means that many French people tend to take advantage of this day, a day off, for trips and travel to various sites. The roads may be very congested and congested, compared to other days, as well as the many attractions, especially those suitable for families with children.

Division into regions – When planning a trip, it is worth considering the different regions in France, each of which offers different attractions and many points of interest, some of which it is advisable not to miss. Paris and the surrounding area Île-de-France is a coveted area and especially in light of the fact that it is an area with a large, beautiful capital city and also one that is packed with various attractions. The southeastern part of France is also a beautiful area, which is often combined with a trip.

The Provence region and the French Alps – Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur are located in it and there are plenty of options, available to travelers. In the northern part of France, Normandy – Normandy, Nord-Pas de Calais and Picardy are places in France that are also on the hiking map and of course its northeastern plot, which includes some of the most beautiful spots in France – Alsace Lorraine ( Alsace Lorraine) and the Champagne Ardenne region which also warrant a visit.

Attractions worth incorporating in a vacation

There are quite a few reasons why you should come to France, and why you should do it with the kids. The main of which is related to the very wide variety of attractions offered by this charming country approx Bar quite a few years.

Big and beautiful cities

The prominent cities of France are its highlight and without a doubt provide everything you need for a holiday with the kids. They are convenient, very accessible and have a huge selection of options when it comes to accommodation solutions, culinary and of course points of interest and attractions.

It is impossible to mention France without mentioning Paris, its capital city. Paris, also known as the “City of Lights”, is known as a very romantic city, one that attracts many couples on a honeymoon or at any other time in life, but it is undoubtedly also suitable for families with children. Apart from the famous Eiffel Tower which is a must visit, the impressive Victory Gate also justifies a stop and you should go on a cruise on the Seine to get an impression of the beauty of the city from a slightly different angle.

If the children are big enough, it is recommended to do it in the dark, then the city is colorful and beautiful. The Luxembourg Gardens also justify a stop and of course the famous Versailles Palace, which is outside the city (only 20 km away). Another beautiful city that is also worth a stop is the city of Bordeaux, known for its wines but also for its interesting historical sites. A large and very ancient city, offers a unique historical antiquity and the city of Strasbourg is visited by many families to experience the unique atmosphere it has to offer.

The French Riviera

If in the past the French Riviera attracted only the rich in the gang, today the story is different and all sections of the population reach it. Families with children, who go on a trip to France, often stop in this beautiful area and experience it in depth for a few days or more.

The charming beaches along the Riviera are perhaps its highlight and they attract water sports enthusiasts as well as quite a few yachts of the rich and famous, which can be seen up close. The city of Nice is a wonderful stopping point in this area as well as the city of Avignon and the city of Palais des Papes, which as you can guess from its name is associated with the popes (it was their seat before they moved to the Vatican).

In this area you can also find small and beautiful villages, such as Eze and Gourdon, which offer, in addition to the atmosphere in them, also a spectacular view. The famous towns of Saint-Tropez and Cannes are also on the French Riviera and it is worth stopping for a stroll if only to feel up close the magic and the trail, which leaves behind all the famous and rich…

Nature and parks

And now, it’s time to get out of the cities and more urban areas of France, into nature and the spectacular parks it has, including its theme parks. The best known of all is of course Eurodisney in Paris, which is recognized as one of the most popular attractions among families with children, but not only.

It attracts many Israeli families and families from Europe and around the world, in fact, and it offers a wonderful experience for all ages. You can reach it by train directly from Paris and spend a whole day there, or for those who want to spend a few days (highly recommended) to stay close to it.

France also has some beautiful nature sites and national parks that are suitable for visiting with the kids, ones that offer some of the most beautiful views in the country. One of them is the Vanois National Park, with the highest mountain peak reaching about 3,855 meters. The national park in the French Pyrenees, located in the southern part of France, is also known as a charming area and you can find a selection of activities that are also suitable for children. For families interested in visiting France in the winter and also combining skiing, Mont Blanc is a great place to stop if only to enjoy a ski holiday from the movies with all the kids.

And if all that was not enough for you, you will find more theme parks in France. The Walibi chain offers three charming parks, suitable mainly for older children due to their facilities: Walibi Rhone-Alps, Walibi Sud-Ouset and The Music Battle Park.

Other challenging and special parks also belong to two well-known chains – the Avanture parks and the Les Acrobois parks. 300 km from Paris is one of the most popular theme parks in France, the non-Parc du Futuroscope. To learn a little about France and its history it is very worthwhile to combine a stop at the Puy du Fou park and the Dino dinosaur parks. -Zoo and prehistoric park Parc de Prehistoire de Bretagne.

Get smart and study in the museums of France

Most of France’s interesting museums, at least those suitable for visiting with children, are located in Paris. Some focus on art, others on nature and history and there are those that offer interesting perspectives on other topics.

Visiting museums is not suitable for every age and every family and wandering around them requires a lot of patience. It is very important to take this into account and choose the right museums, which are included in the vacation. It is advisable not to overburden the children in museums and look mainly for the more special and interesting ones if only to attract their attention.

Adam Tussauds / Grevin Wax Museum

This museum is definitely a must. It is located in the ninth arrondissement of Paris on the banks of the River Seine and it attracts many visitors throughout the year and of course quite a few families with children. While wandering around, you can see familiar and beloved figures (and even lesser ones) up close and be photographed with them when standing close together. The museum depicts several important scenes that have changed, among other things, the face of the world, including the one depicting Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. The kids will not necessarily recognize it but it is definitely an opportunity to introduce them to a little bit of history and dust of stars.

Petit Palais Museum of Art

While it is not the natural and first choice among families with children, it is definitely worth a stop. This art museum, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, is housed in a small palace. It has tours, adapted for children, and it is recommended to book them a place in advance if only to experience it in full.

Dali Museum (Espace Dali)

This museum, and as you might guess, is dedicated to the works of the well-known artist Salvador Dali. It offers the marvelous world of the artist and includes an impressive collection of his works ranging from paintings to sculptures. The museum is located in the Montmartre district, which in itself warrants a visit and is a wonderful starting point for a trip with the kids.

The Musee de la Magie

This other museum is entirely dedicated to magic and gimmicks, from the 18th century onwards. The magic has always been a form of entertainment and can be watched, in this museum, as it has been expressed throughout history. The Magic Museum is also suitable for adults and not just children and can be wandered with pleasure in all seven rooms, which are loaded with various objects, including wands and sorcerers’ hats. The visit also includes a live magic show, held at the place, which is in itself a wonderful experience for children. The museum is only open on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays from 2pm to 7pm.

French National Museum of Natural History (Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle)

The left bank of Paris boasts many attractions, including the Eiffel Tower and the famous Montparnasse Cemetery. The French National Museum of Natural History is another great attraction in this area not to be missed. It is located in the botanical gardens and includes an eclectic array of content, of interest to people of all ages. You can find fossils and skeletons dating back hundreds of years, a zoo with wildlife and even flamingos and other surprises. Comfortable shoes are a must, as a visit to the garden requires a few hours even to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Museum of Science (Cite des Scienced et de I’lndustrie)

This museum is another wonder in the city, especially suitable for families with children. Its disadvantage is its location, on the outskirts of Paris, in the 19th arrondissement, but for those who are willing to make their way there, an unusual experience is offered.

It is one of the few museums in Paris that centers for children a program laden with content in the field of science and is divided into two sections aimed at children of different ages. The first part is for children aged 2 to 7 while the second part is for children aged 5 to 12. In this wing of the museum the children learn about science, industry and the various life journeys through games and activities. The museum takes the children on a space journey and the children can play with each other and “on the road” learn about it quite a bit. Parents are free in the meantime to enjoy the rest of the museum and be in peace that the children are in a safe and mostly fun place.

Army Museum (Musee de I’Armee)

The first impression one gets in this museum is that it is not suitable for children. However, wandering around it reveals other surprises and very interesting findings that can captivate the children. It has over 500,000 conservatives preserved from various periods of warfare, who teach a great deal about the history of the war and of the armies. It is very worthwhile to go out to the main courtyard of the museum, where the children can run around a bit and also touch the various exhibits. Canoes, steel vests, swords, shields and other tools that seem to be taken from fairy tales can be seen in the museum.

Center Pompidou

In the fourth district of Paris is one of the most interesting museums in the city and also a very touristy and beloved attraction for quite a few families with children. The Pompidou Center presents various interactive exhibitions and you can spend long hours there. On the sixth floor of the center you can discover the spectacular views of Paris and you should stop for a short coffee or warming chocolate (for children) at the café there. The museum itself gives a place of honor to modern art and it displays it from different angles.

Simply France
Simply France

We are here out of a desire to help and of course out of a great love for France. Our goal is to help you find everything you are looking for under one roof, to get the most out of your vacation in France, without having to travel all over the web.

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