5 Best Restaurants In Provence Alpes Cote D’azur

When it comes to great dining experiences, the Provence Alpes Cote D’azur region of France has so much to offer. From Michelin-starred restaurants and charming bistros, to delicious seafood dishes and traditional Provencal cuisine, eateries in this part of the country are some of the finest ones in all of Europe. Whether you’re looking for an intimate evening with a loved one, or simply want to savor some of the best flavors in this region, here are 5 great restaurants in Provence Alpes Cote D’azur that should be on your dining list.


1. La Terrasse, Aix-en-Provence

La Terrasse in Aix-en-Provence is a paradise for lovers of outdoor dining. Located atop a hill, the restaurant provides stunning views of the city. With its lush greenery and elegant atmosphere, La Terrasse is an ideal alternative to the bustling city below.

Furthermore, the menu offers traditional French cuisine infused with Mediterranean flavors that are sure to delight any diner’s palate. The restaurant also hosts weekly events such as live jazz music or movie projections. La Terrasse is truly a unique proposition for anyone looking for a special culinary experience in beautiful Aix-en-Provence.

Address: 40 Av. Robert Schuman, 13090 Aix-En-Provence, France

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La Terrasse, Aix-en-Provence
La Terrasse, Aix-en-Provence


2. Le Petit Nice, Marseille

Le Petit Nice, Marseille is an iconic restaurant situated overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The restaurant has a long-standing reputation for offering a truly exquisite dining experience, serving up high-quality Provençal and French fare– from Bouillabaisse to tomatoes stuffed with seafood.

Guests can choose to dine in one of the indoor or outdoor seating areas – all of which offer stunning views. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a delicious meal in a romantic setting or just seeking out superbly crafted cuisine, Le Petit Nice has something for everyone.

Address: 17 Rue Des Braves Anse de Maldormé, 156 Cor Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 13007 Marseille, France

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Le Petit Nice, Marseille
Le Petit Nice, Marseille


3. La Table du Lancaster, Cannes

Situated just steps away from the world-famous Promenade de la Croisette in Cannes, La Table du Lancaster provides an exquisite culinary experience. This Michelin-starred restaurant is a must-visit destination for those looking to be truly dazzled by the fine French cuisine offered here.

Using only the freshest local ingredients, the restaurant brings diners an authentic taste of French gastronomy. The creative and imaginative dishes crafted by the talented chefs have impressed food critics around the world, as La Table du Lancaster continues to be one of the most decorated restaurants in France. No wonder it has been named “Best Restaurant” numerous times! A visit here will leave taste buds tantalized and hungry patrons more than satisfied.

Address:  5 Rue Jean Daumas, 06400 Cannes, France

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La Table du Lancaster, Cannes
La Table du Lancaster, Cannes


4. Hostellerie de l’Abbaye de la Celle, Var

The Hostellerie de l’Abbaye de la Celle is a 4-star historic hotel located in Var, France. Founded in 1380, the Abbaye is part of the Provençal heritage, boasting traditional architecture and antique elements that provide an authentic experience to visitors.

The close proximity to Bormes Les Mimosas and its beaches makes it an ideal destination for younger families looking for relaxation and luxury. Guests can enjoy a selection of swimming pools, high-end spa services, and exquisite cuisine while at the Hostellerie de l’Abbaye. With its combination of Old World charm and modern amenities, this venerable property is sure to provide an unforgettable stay.

Address: 10 PL. Du General de Gaulle, 83170 la Celle, France

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Hostellerie de l’Abbaye de la Celle, Var
Hostellerie de l’Abbaye de la Celle, Var


5. L’Oustalet Chez Ginette, Avignon

Located on the east bank of the Rhone River in Avignon, France, L’Oustalet Chez Ginette is an authentic Provencal restaurant. The menu features traditional French recipes paired with local wines and other beverages. Diners can enjoy a variety of dishes like bouillabaisse, salade landaise, steak frittes, or perhaps fish straight from the Charcuterie Lake.

In addition to their delicious meals, every night live music is featured to create a festive atmosphere for guests. With its great views of the river and stunning decor, it’s no wonder why L’Oustalet Chez Ginette is one of the top restaurants in Avignon.

Address: 25 PL. Des Corps Saints, 84000 Avignon, France

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L'Oustalet Chez Ginette, Avignon
L’Oustalet Chez Ginette, Avignon


In conclusion

Provence Alpes Cote D’azur has an array of wonderful restaurants and eateries that will satisfy even the most discerning palate. From Michelin-starred establishments to cozy bistros, there’s something for everyone in this region of France. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or simply want to enjoy the best flavors in this part of the world, these 5 restaurants are sure to provide a memorable dining experience. Bon Appetit!


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