Living in Dubai? 5 Tips to Plan a Wedding in No Time

Getting Married in Dubai

Dubai has become one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world. The city of Dubai benefits from perfect sunny weather all year round, providing incredible backdrops and truly unique places to get married. Dubai has private stretches of sparkling beaches, towering contemporary structures with breathtaking city views, lush green courtyards, magical mountain ranges and golden desert dunes.

With this exceptional range of spectacular settings, Dubai can host celebrations of any size or requirement. The city is renowned for award-winning hospitality that welcomes millions of visitors every year. This multicultural city is home to over 200 different nationalities, and can cater to a wide range of faiths, traditions and customs.

With such a wealth of exceptional facilities, professional event planner Dubai can offer clients both knowledge and experience when planning to get married in the city. Dubai has substantial experience in hosting multicultural ceremonies, and there are many sights, locations and attractions to persuade wedding parties and guests to stay a little longer.


5 Tips to Plan a Wedding in No Time

Curating a mood board is an essential first step when planning any wedding. Once a mood board has been created, it can cover all aspects of a proposed wedding. It will express the couple’s taste, style and contribute to bringing a couple’s dream wedding to life.

It is important to set a suitable budget with an allocation for any last-minute variations and amendments. An experienced event professional will be able to offer substantial assistance in this regard, and ensure that any budget is appropriate for the proposed wedding.

A timeline for planning all aspects of a proposed wedding is essential. Planning at least a year in advance of the anticipated date is advisable, and this will allow the necessary time for all elements of the wedding to be addressed. Dates for selecting venues, vendors, local services, catering, invitations and attire are all important aspects of planning a successful wedding

Choosing a suitable venue requires an understanding of all the options that Dubai can offer. This requires specific consideration, as there unique and exceptional choices available. The venue will have to complement any design, style or entertainment requirements.

An experienced event planner will understand all your requirements, has extensive knowledge of the local market and can ensure a memorable and successful wedding celebration.

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